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1. Absolutely NO BLASPHEMY against the Holy Trinity in any shape or form. Including using Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit in any negative, insulting, demeaning manner. This will be just cause for immediate cancellation to your membership here at Uniting Christians.2. No foul language will be tolerated. Immediate 3 day suspension. (This site is all ages, please keep that in mind while posting.)3. No debates except in certain forum threads. No heated debating or attacks. Opinions in love are welcome.4. No attacking another members Christian beliefs, or comments. If Admin. or Mods find threads of an attacking nature, they will be closed temporarily for review.5. No utilizing or posting of any Occult symbols. In regards to a discussion regarding the Occult, no symbolism of a demonic descent will be allowed to be shown. The pentagram in all forms is banned and if used will be cause for immediate cancellation of membership account here at Uniting Christians.6. No promotion of other religions. Of any type except for Christianity. (This includes Athiesm, Witchcraft and any form of the Occult. Preaching Yoga and benefits, Zen and many others.) This will be grounds for immediate cancellation of membership account here at Uniting Christians.7. This board was created specifically for Christians who need to feel they have a safe haven on the net. What does this mean? It means that Christ is the center of this Forum. It means that individual searching is encouraged in order to find the truth in the midst of chaos in the world. It means that if one feels the need to attack or discredit another members opinion, they can feel free to find another forum to go to. This board does not need numbers. It needs quality. Its sole purpose is to aid individuals in a loving manner in their walk with or in finding Christ. NOT TO DISCOURAGE OR ATTACK IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. Opinions are welcome. Attacks on another's are not.This board was created by inspiration from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To bring together in HIS LOVE Christians from around the world to celebrate HIS name and in HIS honor. This will not be a board of tyrants. I follow only one law. GOD'S LAW. Decisions upon closing a thread will be based upon that consideration.